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Life could be worse in retrospect. 

Oh got an A in my Creative Writing summer class which is nice :) Taking a Shakespeare class now too but honestly, it's hard to the point it hurts to think about it but I won't say more. 

Then since I RP with Starr/:iconblue-starr: a lot I just wrote this down to kill time before I dive back into my studies.  It's some sort of Domestic Headcannon thing that I've seen before and decided to do it for my OC's Salim and Ambrose whom I've been used to RP with her. 

1. Who cooks normally?:  Salim is more of a cook compared to Ambrose but there are times where Salim gets back to the apartment really late to find a meal waiting for him from her.  But there are times when they cook together to share the responsibility and clean up afterwards.

 2. How often do they fight?  Rarely, but when they do have an intense argument it must be important.  But they've had snippets of bickering: like Salim will tell Ambrose off if she's hurt since he's worried. Ambrose will even say something when he openly shows his affection for her in front of guests as she finds it embarrassing for them. Which of course, Salim laughs off but complies.   

3. What do they do when they're away from each other? Being busy people of respective occupations, they're often deep ingrained with their jobs during the day.  Salim calls her frequently when he has the time, especially when he'll be overseas for weeks.  Ambrose tends to put her job in front of personal issues but at the end of the day, she'll call him and wish him goodnight. 

4. Nicknames for each other? Ambrose doesn't have a nickname for Salim as she's a stranger when it comes to relationships/romantic love.  Salim calls her "Love", often ending his sentences with it when he talks to her.

5. Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Salim, despite Ambrose wanting to split it and share responsibility. She's not used to having people pay for things on her behalf.  

6. Who steals the covers at night?:  No one. They sleep quite close ;) When they started sharing a bed Ambrose would keep to the very edge of her side and lie facing him, watching his every move as if she was sleeping with some kind of dangerous animal. But Salim would just stretch out and sleep like a big harmless baby. As she learned to trust him Amborse gradually inched closer, and now she feels safer sleeping next to him than when she sleeps alone. 

7. What would they get each other for gifts?: Salim usually giving her flowers, jewelry, bringing her on trips overseas for vacations, and pictures of where he's been when he's out there for business.  He's also given her a gun as a present and a locket (that has a GPS if something should happen). Ambrose is clueless on what to give him but he assures her that being with him is a gift enough. But she's given him her Army Dog Tags which he wears everyday along with a book on self-defense.  Haha, her gifts are practical.  

8. Who kissed who first?:  Ambrose was the first one to kiss him on the lips actually.  Although when they started dating, Salim was always the one giving her a kiss on the cheek or forehead promising that he wouldn't kiss her on the mouth until she told him that she was ready as she's new to being in a relationship. To say he was surprised is an understatement. 

 9. Who made the first move?:  Salim fell for her first when she had been assigned as his bodyguard when his life was threatened by conspirators.  He didn't voice his affections for her until after the event was over but three years later after keeping a promise to her he sought her out and asked to date her. 

10. Who remembers things?: They are both very good at keeping up to date.  As far as relationship dates however and couple holidays, Salim's got that more firmly grasped than she. 

11. Who started the relationship?: Salim. The End. 

12. Who cusses more?: Ambrose being a quiet individual doesn't so Salim probably falls for this category but he's not that bad. 

13. What would they do if the other one was hurt?: Ambrose and Salim would both seek out the ones that dared hurt their partner and absolutely obliterate him/her/them. They are dangerous people when crossed and if they don't end up kill the person, the person may wish they did. 


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Yo, my name is Journei, and no, its not my real name so don't bother asking.

But let's start off with the basics:

1. I'm a girl, a college newbie.
Dislike the color Pink
A tomboy

2. I am a gamer girl.
Don't like shopping unless it relates to books/games/food (but sometimes clothes)
Favorite Games: Assassin's Creed series, Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy (FF VERSUS XIII, looks brilliant. Square Enix better not disspoint me!), Pokemon series, and honorable mention: Odin Sphere (I just like Oswald and Gwendolyn, aw romance.)

3. I love to write.
I have a fanfiction account by: ANIMANGAME02FREAK. And I'm currently writing stories about Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy Versus XII. (ALA: WINGS, and FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII: FORTIS) <--my stories. I also love to read books and manga and I also like to draw, though I need practice... :)

4. Play competetive sports? Hell yes.

So this is almost me in a nutshell. Well, not literally but. :D

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